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Google Local Services For Tampa, Should You?

image of Google search results when using Google Local Services

Google Local Services vs. SEO Google Local Services in Tampa is a relatively new pay-per-lead advertising platform that has already reached 30 US markets.  Originally it was started as “Google Home Services” but has gone through a rebranding.  The question we ask, “Should my business invest in this platform? What types of services are permitted? Is […]

What’s your favorite FREE SEO plugin for 2018?

My Favorite SEO plugin for Wordpress

My favorite SEO plugin for WordPress is Yoast. I particularly like the Yoast SEO plugin because even the free version is great. A few reasons I like the free version of Yoast SEO: It really helps with your on-page ranking factors by alerting you when something is missing. Checks for readability, and keyword density, which […]