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Website Redesign for Tanner's Inc Turned out Fabulous!

Tanner’s Inc came to me with an outdated website that was difficult to navigate, didn’t have a good contact form (they were having to filter out and answer tons of questions even after customers filled out their forms because they were not asking the right questions.), the color was not in keeping with their brand, there were too many unnecessary pages, and it was difficult to instruct customers where to go to find things.

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What Tanner's Inc. Wanted For Their Website Redesign

Tanner’s Inc. wanted a website that was bright and fun, easy to navigate, organized, and SEO optimized so that they would be found in search results for their main services which are embroidery and screenprinting.

Some things they wanted to have were:

  • A reviews page feeding from their amazing 100+ 5 star reviews on Google
  • A form for embroidery and a form for screen printing that could notify them as soon as a form submission came in and also notified the customer that they had received it
  • They needed some good photos of the shop and some items for the site (which we did for them)
  • They needed a secure website so that it would be safe for customers to fill out their forms
  • They wanted to be able to link their Facebook feed to the website so that it would always have fresh, new photos in the Gallery.
  • They wanted it to be easy to find the links to catalogs they use 
  • They wanted the site to be well-organized and easy to navigate
  • They wanted an accessibility feature added to the site (just like I have on mine at the bottom left) Go ahead and click on it – it’s pretty cool! 

My Website Redesign Strategy for Tanner's Inc.

My strategy with Tanner’s Inc. was simple. I went through the old website and found that they had a lot of pages that were not necessary. There were pages of useless content that were not helping them rank for keywords that make them money. We streamlined the site and optimized it for the words they felt were important to their success.

We combined all of the pages that had relatively “thin” content (less than a few hundred words) and re-purposed them for pages that were necessary for the keywords they wanted to rank for such as embroidery and screenprinting. We added good, quality photos to each page and gave each page the proper titles, metadata, headers, and so on to help Google understand what the pages were about. 

What I did to make this website redesign successful:

  • Optimized the content
  • Created good page titles with SEO in mind
  • Created a Reviews feed that pulls from Google My Business
  • Picked bright, cheerful colors – went from mostly fluorescent green background color on the pages with a red logo to a beautiful blue logo with black and white accents to keep it clean and professional
  • Created “Get a Quote” forms for embroidery and screenprinting
  • Took some great photos and used them on the site
  • Gave them direction on what content was necessary for each page
  • Designed a well-organized site structure
  • Kept the menu clean and easy to navigate

The Result of the Website Redesign

  • The website is ranking on page one and #1 in maps for its money keywords
  • They are receiving form submissions to get quotes on new jobs nearly every day
  • People are able to find what they are looking for easily
  • They are able to easily update photos to the site by only logging into their Facebook account and uploading because it goes directly to their website as soon as they post to Facebook.
  • The feedback has been great – fewer questions from clients about how to find what they are looking for which is saving them time by not having to teach them how to use the website

Here's what Tanner's Inc. Had To Say:

Michelle designed our new website and WOW, it is everything we wanted and more. Michelle started with a plan and executed it. She took the time to know and understand my business beforehand. She was very easy to communicate with. There wasn’t a question she couldn’t answer and she really brought our website to life. I highly recommend Michelle if your looking to increase your online traffic.

If You Answer "Yes" to Any of These Questions, You Might Need a Website Redesign.

  • Does your website look old and outdated?

  • Are the colors not in keeping with your brand?

  • Have you often thought – I need a website redesign?

  • Has it been 2 years or more since you have updated your content?

  • Has your business moved?

  • Has your business grown?

  • Has your business changed its service offerings due to COVID?

If you answered YES to any or most of these questions, you probably need to think about a website redesign in your near future. The process is a lot of fun when you have the right person on your team. If you are interested in finding out what kind of investment is necessary to work with me, you can answer a few questions and then set up a no-obligation zoom meeting with me.

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