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ARM-Retail Before & After Website Makeover

Before - The Old Website

ARM-Retail came to me with a very old, antiquated website that was in great need of a makeover. Their website had not been touched in over 10 years and was not responsive for mobile devices because that was not a thing back then. 

Here’s a picture of the before and after. Use the slider to go back and forth and get a good look at what a difference.

What They Wanted in Their New Website

ARM came to me wanting a website that looked similar to another much larger company in their industry. They did not want to look exactly like them, but they wanted to use that website as a starting point of what they liked.

Some key features they wanted were:

  • video background in the banner
  • colors that would come across as trustworthy, professional, and clean.
  • easy to navigate
  • not too wordy
  • good use of brightly colored pictures
  • strong CTA (call to action) on every service page
  • show their company’s culture and how they value their employees
  • how they give back to the community
  • integrate with a platform that their associates already use daily – and not mess that part up at all.


Advanced Retail Merchandising ARM

My Strategy for This Website

I advised them that we could do the video banner for desktop, but that best practices for mobile devices says that since not everyone has unlimited data, it’s best not to automatically play video in the background on the tablet and mobile version of their site.

This was not something they had thought of, and they appreciated the insight.

In order to get the new site to integrate with the old site’s associate platform, we first had to purchase a new domain for the new site. So, we used the DOT net version of the domain so as not to confuse people. Once the site was live on the server, we just set up a redirect from the homepage of the old domain to the new domain. There was a little bit of back and forth with the hosting provider, but we got it all ironed out in the end. 

So, now the employees can still log in to the old website and use the back end for tracking and logging their work, and none of that was affected by the new site that is not on WordPress.  This was the best workaround that we could come up with because the old site they had was HTML based (not build on WordPress) and it just wasn’t going to work if we didn’t grab the new domain. So far, it’s working without a hitch and everyone at ARM is super happy with the results.

I Listen & Implement

After listening to their goals for their website and putting a ton of thought into the flow and layout of the homepage, I came up with an initial draft of the website. We had a meeting and I went over with them the reason behind the placement of each item. I wanted their homepage to be a 24 hr. selling machine that would make any visitor eager to contact them after reading the main points on the homepage.

Carefully Chosen Video footage

The video in the top banner shows team collaboration, retail grocery settings, analytics, and more. This portrays everything they do in the grocery retail industry.  We debated taking our own footage or just using stock footage. In the end, we decided to use stock footage for the sake of time, and it’s not always allowed to set up and take photos inside a grocery store.  

Strong Call To Action – What You Want the Visitor to Do.

Inside the banner, we included a call to action to read more about their services. From there, the visitor is taken to a page that talks about their tailor-made services. At a glance, the visitor can read the services available to them when working with ARM. 

If they want to learn more about the brief overview, they can click into that service and read all about it and what it includes.  

Bright, Beautiful Photos for All Services

I selected bright colorful photos to illustrate each service because many people are very visual – they love to see images but don’t like to read. We wanted to get the point across with pictures as well as words. It was important that we include searchable keywords so that they will be found in search engine results pages (SERPS), so I interviewed them and did my own research to find out how people were searching. I then used the best keywords in the important places like H1 & H2 tags, alt text on images, and in the site’s metadata. 

Finally, there’s a call to action (CTA) at the bottom of every page urging the visitor to “get started today.”  

Every box has been checked off and fulfilled. All of the features they requested are up and running on the site, and working very well. 

Beautiful Transformation!

The before and after transformation of this site is absolutely incredible, and on top of that, it was an absolute pleasure working with the people at ARM Retail. I can’t recommend them enough if you are looking to get your product on the shelf of a local grocery store in the Southeast. 

What ARM Retail Said About Working with Michelle

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Michelle was the best! We are so pleased with how our website turned out. She was extremely helpful and guided us through the process. During the design, Michelle would explain how each page was going to look, ask for feedback and input. We were blown away with outcome. I would HIGHLY recommend Michelle – you will not be disappointed!
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