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Who is Michelle On Point?

How can an SEO Strategy (Search Engine Optimization) Help My Business?

As an expert at SEO strategy, I work with YOU to discover WHO your competition is, how and why they are currently taking dollars from your pocket each month, and devise a plan to help you dominate the internet and social media so that you can capture the majority of the customers who are currently searching for the services you offer and/or products you sell.
We give you an unfair advantage over your competition to dominate page one of Google (or other search engines) search results.

Why Do I Need a Website? Is a Facebook Page Enough?

If you own a business, you need a website so that people can find you.  Having a Facebook page is a good start, but it will not give you the credibility that you need to grow and look the part.  When you have a website, you can show off what you know by adding really smart, well thought out content about your particular industry or areas of interest.  You can structure your content with keywords that will resonate with your audience.  When you do this, it helps Google Bot and other search engines understand what your website is all about.  This helps you move up in the search results.  In other words, great content mixed with some good web design and some SEO can get you ranked on page one of Google eventually.

The thing that makes me unique in the industry is that I understand how to build a website to be SEO friendly from the get-go.  I make sure you don’t have any errors in any of your internal links, any 404 redirects (where a page is not found- this really hurts your website rankability).  I check for any penalties, security issues, etc.  I will make sure any SSL issues are resolved, your page is mobile friendly on tablets as well as cell phones.  I will make sure your business shows up in Google Maps search as well, and so much more.

With me, SEO and Web Design go hand in hand.  You really need both to get to the top of Google.  It’s like when you go to the salon and you get the cut and color.  Your hair looks good with just a cut, but when you get the color too, people notice.  It’s like that with your website too.  It’s a process that evolves over time, and it sure is worth it to your business!

Do I Need Social Media?

I hear this all the time.  “Do I really need a Twitter?” “How do I even use Instagram?”  “I hate going on there.”  The answer is a resounding YES!! Yes, you DO need social media.  If you are not currently using more than just Facebook, you are selling yourself short.  Each platform has its own unique flavor and purpose.  People hang out on different platforms for different reasons.  With Twitter and Instagram, you can find people and topics of interest with hashtags, and grow your following by interacting with other people and pages.  YouTube is incredible because it is a search engine in itself and everything you post there just grows and grows over time.  Unlike a Facebook video, YouTube videos are searchable and rankable.  Think about that! Your business can create YouTube videos and get them ranked on Google for your search terms.  The power we have available to us right now is incredible.

Visit my website for a FREE instant analysis of your current website.  I’d love to get together with you to talk about how I may be able to help you dominate your competition!

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