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YouTube Editing, Content Creation for Your Business – Tampa Area & Brandon, FL

We use professional cameras and video editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro) to produce quality videos for your business and YouTube channel.  If you are wanting to start an online presence with video, YouTube is the place to be!  There is nothing better than video for getting your message across because people buy with their eyes and they read your body language more than the words you are saying.  If you want to get your message across to your audience, GET ON YOUTUBE!  I have started this myself since 2018, and it is amazing how much people interact with video more than they do with written words.  

If you want a little nudge or help with this, please get in touch with us!  On our staff, we have Allie, who is a film major at UCF.  She has a creative eye for the cinematography aspect of video editing, and is looking to build her portfolio.  We also have Michelle, who is familiar with YouTube since she has her own channel.  She is also a pro at getting that video to come up in the search results for your keywords.

Video production & Editing Brandon FL