Link building and citations for your off page search engine optimization

What is Off Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s everything that On-page is not.  To build up your off-page SEO, your business needs citations (mentions in other places), a strong social presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…  It’s not necessary to use all of these platforms, BUT you do need to know where your ideal client is hanging out and make sure you are there. If your ideal client does not know about Snapchat, chances are it’s ok if you don’t use it.  However, if your ideal client hangs out on Facebook than that’s where you should be posting.


What are citations?

What are citations

A NAP Citation is any mention of your business’s name, address, and phone number.  Citations usually appear in local directories, but can also appear on social media platforms, websites, and apps.  They a very important factor in local SEO and they influence which companies Google and other search engines show for local searches.  Because a citation must contain the name, address, and phone number, it is often referred to as a NAP Citation.

Consistency, Quality, & Quantity of Citations

It’s very important that if you do your citations yourself that you list them exactly as they appear in Google My Business.  Inconsistencies in how they appear, such as a comma or period out of place can really throw it off.  For example, if your address is listed on Google My Business as 123 Main Street, and your citation says 123 Main St., that would be considered inconsistent.  Street and St, are not the same to Google.  So, make sure you get that right.  The quantity, quality, and consistency of your citations is considered a foundational ranking factor. So, getting it correct, accurate across the board, and having it mentioned many times are all things to pay attention to.  It’s important to note: It’s not simply “how many times it’s mentioned,” but the quality of the websites or directories it’s mentioned on is important as well.


What is a Backlink?

what is a backlink

A backlink is like a “vote” from another website to tell Google that your website is trusted.  It’s the same thing as telling a friend about a company and giving them a personal recommendation.  

Backlinks are the single hardest thing to acquire and that is why they are so effective. They also tend to be the most expensive part of SEO, but very worth it if your website needs a boost.