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Case Study on Google AdWords

Check this out! Before we got ahold of this account, the client was spending $2,500/mo (About $620 per week)  in paid ads.  They were getting 2,270 impressions, 65 clicks, and 2 conversions on average per week.

Enter Michelle On Point

After just 4 weeks of us handling the ad spend, (and working our magic) we were getting 7,400 impressions, 175 clicks, and 6 conversions.  The ad spend was $578/week with a 3X increase on impressions, clicks, and conversions.  Less money spent, more money made!

Isn’t this what EVERY business owner wants?

Please note: the conversion percentage did not change much because no changes were done to the website yet.  There is not a good landing page yet so conversions are still not where we want them to be.  They are nowhere close to where we project they will be with a good landing page in place.  We expect to increase the conversion percentage to 30% by creating a landing page that converts well for these ads based on their keywords.

Projections with $578 ad spend per week we will increase conversions of 2 per week to 10X the current number (6) per week to 60 per week.

When you look at the clicks per impression with ad spend, the click-through ratio is just under 3%. if we were to have the #1 position on page #1 in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), the average click-through ratio jumps to 40%.  Taking these current numbers that would increase their clicks from 175 to ver 2800 clicks just by changing their position on Google!

This is what we do for you!

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