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The Who…Not the How

The difference between the WHO and the HOW. I am a HUGE Russell Brunson fan, and I just heard something he said, and I wanted to share with all of you that could drastically impact the way you think about what you do in and for your business.

Google Local Services For Tampa, Should You?

Google Local Services vs. SEO Google Local Services in Tampa is a relatively new pay-per-lead advertising platform that has already reached 30 US markets.  Originally it was started as “Google Home Services” but has gone through a rebranding.  The question we ask, “Should my business invest in this platform? What types of services are permitted? Is …

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What’s your favorite FREE SEO plugin for 2018?

My favorite SEO plugin for WordPress is Yoast. I particularly like the Yoast SEO plugin because even the free version is great. A few reasons I like the free version of Yoast SEO: It really helps with your on-page ranking factors by alerting you when something is missing. Checks for readability, and keyword density, which …

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Welcome to my website!

Welcome to Michelle On Point! Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate you checking me out and hope you’ll come back for more.  I’ll be sharing some useful tips that may help you with your own website.  Please feel free to reach out for help with anything and I’ll do my best to help. ~Michelle

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