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Who is Michelle?

Hi I’m Michelle. I inspire, help, and teach visionary entrepreneurs strategic ways to improve their business’s visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs). I have found that 90% of business owners out there do not know how to do this. (No judgment) I have also found that 70% of entrepreneurs do not want to do it themselves. Enter: Michelle!

This is what I LOVE to do, so it’s a win-win for everyone! My passion is helping business owners get the full potential out of their website and make that baby work for them.

I love making connections on social media. You’ll find me on YouTube teaching what I learn from my business, sharing ideas we come up with, and dropping nuggets of knowledge. I’m on Twitter, FB, Insta, Snapchat, and my blog at I’d love to connect with you and maybe we can collab on YT. Reach out for sure!

I’m passionate about building beautiful websites and getting them ranked. I love helping businesses succeed. I am a creative, always learning, Audible book-listening, podcast-loving, techie-nerd-former-college-athlete, tomboy, and girly girl all in one, who loves ponytails and blue jeans with something sparkly and great mascara. I am a lover and follower of Jesus, who is never too far away and never shows up too late. I have been married to the love of my life since 1995, and we have four beautiful children. Nowadays, I enjoy 18 holes and watching our kids play sports.

Thanks for stopping by!

What is this website about?

This website is a platform for me to share what I know with the world and a way for business owners to find me and work with me.  It is also an extension of my YouTube channel that started in Nov. 2017.  Just like my website, my channel is also about inspiring you to be your best and helping you on that journey.

Why might you want to work with Michelle On Point?

You might want to work with me if you are a visionary entrepreneur/business owner who is established in your community, but just not getting the number of customers each week that you know the market bears.

You realize that to be seen by these potential customers, you must beat your competition in the search engine results pages for your keyword + city/surrounding cities.  You know that ranking organically happens over time, and you want to speed up the process.

Maybe you have an old, outdated website that needs to be updated to be mobile friendly as well as secure with an SSL certificate.  If social media is dragging you down and you don’t have the time or patience to learn it but you know that you need this to be part of your marketing strategy, we can help you grow your presence on social media too.  We do it all!  Check out our services page to see more.