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When you work with an expert at Search Engine Optimization strategy, you will discover what your competition is doing so you can outsmart them! Learn how and why they are currently taking dollars from your pocket each month, and devise a plan to help you dominate the search results so that you can capture the majority of the customers who are currently searching for the services you offer and/or products you sell.

You will gain an unfair advantage over your competition to dominate page one of Google’s (or other search engines) search results.

Welcome to Michelle On Point

Hi! I’m Michelle, a web designer, and SEO strategist who has been serving clients since 2017 with amazing success. 

My focus is clean, responsive web design and search engine optimization which is organic, free, targeted traffic from Google.

I am based in the Tampa Bay area and own top rankings in local cities. I have aligned myself with other SEO masterminds across the globe who also regularly test 1000s of client’s websites and share our data. This allows me to be cutting edge with my skillset and knowledge of Google and how the algorithm works. 

Nothing against other SEOs out there, but if they do not have access to this data, then they will not be able to outperform my skill and expertise with ranking a website. Would you trust a blind person to drive you in their car?


There is so much that Google wants you to believe about SEO and ranking factors, but the truth is that of the hundreds of “ranking factors” really only a handful of those things do the majority of the work.  The “gurus” of SEO are like pawns in Google’s game, sadly. The truth is that Google wants to keep you guessing as to what actually ranks a website. Unless you have data from hundreds of sites there is no way that you would notice what works or doesn’t work.  That is why you need Michelle On Point SEO & Web Design! 

I have understood and benefited for years from the effects of organic search, and I want to bring that success to your business too! 

What Makes Your Site Perform Well In Search?

All of These Factors Help Your Website Rank Better

Architecture Analysis

With a great content strategy, optimization of your current site, we target keywords that have the highest search volume to gradually outrank your competitors.

On Site Optimization

We create SEO friendly URLs, SEO titles, meta descriptions, and redirect links so that there are no broken links. Your website is verified and site map submitted.

Off Site Optimization

Refers to the SEO tactics that take place outside your website. This involves a strategy of acquiring powerful backlinks, building citations, reviews, etc....

Website Redesign

We look at what you like and don't like about your current site, what's working and not working. We redesign it to make it not only beautiful, but also more functional so that it acts as a 24/7 sales machine

Content Strategy

With our direction and keyword research, our team of professional copywriters publish monthly to weekly content to your blog, and by doing so this helps you with relevance, subject authority, and rankings.

Social Media & GMB

Who has time to think about social media all the time? We post to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business up to 7 days a week to keep you top of mind and drive your social engagement.

You Have Found The Best Tampa SEO & Web Design

  • Now that you have found the BEST local SEO expert, can you imagine how your business will explode?
  • Can you imagine working with with a web designer who also understands SEO, and who will also speak to you in plain English and never make you feel dumb for not understanding? 
  • Can you imagine what it will be like to get so many calls and sales, you’ll have to hire more people?
  • Can you imagine having a website that works for you while you sleep?
  • Can you imagine the safest page 1 rankings that last?

I Build Custom WordPress Websites.


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